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Bhushan Dandawate

Financial and Operational Director at Cape Romain Solutions Inc.

Bhushan Dandawate is the Financial and Operational Director at Cape Romain Solutions Inc., a position that stands as a testament to a career marked by innovation, leadership, and an unerring commitment to excellence. His journey, spanning over thirty years, is a rich tapestry woven with threads of entrepreneurship, strategic vision, and a profound understanding of Technology, Information, Communications, and Automotive industry sectors.

The Early Years: The genesis of Bhushan’s professional odyssey can be traced back to his role in leading the development of a unique engineering product. With a keen eye for innovation and a relentless drive, he grew the company from a modest 20 people to a thriving 200, opening new markets in India and Japan, and negotiating alliances in South America. These early successes were but a harbinger of the remarkable achievements that lay ahead.

A Visionary in Large Enterprises: Bhushan’s tenure with Ford Motor Company marked a significant chapter in his career. Involved in the development of new product lines, he became an integral part of the finance and strategy teams for operations in North America and Asia Pacific. His work with Intelsat further solidified his reputation as a visionary, where he developed new business lines, expanded operations, and played a crucial role in the acquisition of competitors.

An Interim Leader and Entrepreneur: Bhushan’s ability to adapt to various C-level roles such as CEO, CTO, and CFO is a reflection of his versatile leadership. Whether containing costs, improving the bottom line, or advising on IT strategies, his interim roles have been characterized by success and transformation. His entrepreneurial flair shone brightly as he acquired and grew Eagle Network Solutions, LLC (ENS), doubling its revenues and expanding its reach.

Current Endeavors and Community Involvement: In his current role, Bhushan is steering a Cybersecurity company towards new horizons. His advisory role in cross-border M&A and strategic alliances continues to influence the industry. His educational background, with degrees from Indian Institute Technology-Bombay (IITB), Clemson University, and the University of Michigan, has been the bedrock of his success. Beyond his professional achievements, Bhushan’s active involvement in the IITB-Alumni community and contributions to the Indian diaspora speak volumes about his commitment to society.

A Legacy of Achievements:

At Cape Romain Solutions Inc., Bhushan’s leadership in diversifying geographically and assimilating acquisitions has set a benchmark for growth strategy.

His management of EAGLE NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC, marked by explosive growth and diversification, stands as a testament to his business acumen.

His work with Artha Vigyan Consultants LLC, Hinduja Brothers Inc., and INTELSAT CORPORATION reflects a legacy of innovation, strategic growth, and successful acquisitions.

Conclusion: Bhushan Dandawate’s career is not merely a series of professional milestones; it is a narrative that encapsulates the essence of innovation, leadership, and strategic thinking. His journey from leading a small engineering team to becoming a global business leader is a story of determination, vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His contributions to various industry sectors, his entrepreneurial successes, and his role as a community leader make him a figure of inspiration and a distinguished professional in the global business landscape.